Statistics page is now available

A Web page that reveals one of the model portfolios in the forthcoming book Muscular Portfolios (2018) is now available on this site. The service is free of charge.

The page shows percentage allocations for the nine exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in the Mama Bear Portfolio, one of three investing models in the book. The statistics are updated every 10 minutes during New York market hours, with a delay of 20 minutes or more during active trading.

The complete strategy rules for the portfolio are shown on the page. Statistics pages for the other model portfolios in the book will be added later in 2016.

This project is an integral part of, a disruptive technology that aims to drive the price of investing advice to zero. Individual investors, of course, may still need to hire experts on financial planning, wills, trusts, college savings, and other specialized topics — but basic portfolio design is now available for free.

To use the information, see the Mama Bear statistics page.