How ‘’ shortens long Web addresses for you

The domain name is a Web address shortener. The domain is owned by Brian Livingston. It is used to make it easier for you to type some very long addresses that appear in the footnotes of “Muscular Portfolios” (BenBella Books, 2018).

For example, if you enter, your browser brings you to the page you’re viewing now:

How shortens Web addresses

If you enter with a hyphen on the end, it brings you to a preview page that shows you the exact destination. On the preview page, you can either:

(1) Click the Web address to immediately go to the destination; or

(2) Close your browser window, if you decide not to visit the destination.

You might want to use the preview page if, for example, you’re on a slow connection and don’t want to download a PDF file right then.

A clickable list of all the “Muscular Portfolios, 1st Edition” footnotes and their destinations can be found at:

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