Get the Papa Bear Portfolio’s stats

A new, fully disclosed investing strategy is joining the Mama Bear Portfolio, which was first revealed over one year ago. The new formula is called the Papa Bear Portfolio. Both strategies will be part of the forthcoming book Muscular Portfolios: Reduce Your Risk to Increase Your Investing Gains (2018) by Brian Livingston.

The Papa Bear Portfolio is an easy-to-use plan in which the investor holds three low-cost exchange-traded funds each month out of a menu of 13 ETFs. The selected three funds are those with the strongest performance, as determined by a Momentum Rule. Like the Mama Bear, the Papa Bear remains 100% invested at all times, with no market timing, no active investing, and no requirement for the investor to form any opinion about the market.

The new Papa Bear Portfolio page displays ETF rankings that are updated every 10 minutes during market hours. For more information, read Newsletter #5.