• See seminars you may have missed

    Muscular Portfolios were the subject of three seminars in the past month. These programs reveal how you can overcome the behavioral tricks our brains play, and achieve market-beating results that have been confirmed by independent experts. Now, you can see any of the seminars you missed. A special, short newsletter update gives you all the links you need to enjoy these online resources — free of charge. See Newsletter Update #26a.

  • Seattle/Bellevue, Nov. 17–18

    Brian Livingston will lead seminars on two consecutive days in the Seattle/Bellevue area. His 2-hour seminar on “How to Make Your Portfolio Muscular” is hosted by AAII Puget Sound on Nov. 17, 2018. There is no fixed fee — only a donation to AAII of any amount is required. A 6-hour “In-Depth Seminar” is on Nov. 18. For details and to register, see the Seattle/Bellevue seminar page.