• PDBC pays 26% dividend — a problem?

    Some investors who follow Muscular Portfolios were surprised on Dec. 3 when PDBC, an ETF that tracks commodities, recorded a dividend of $5.39 a share — a yield of more than 26%. The truth is that PDBC gained over 90% in the 18 months since the “coronavirus” bear market ended in spring 2020. The big distribution is a sign of excellent performance and, fortunately, was nothing to worry about. See Newsletter #40.

  • Hedge funds badly underperform

    Independent tracking reveals that, on the whole, top hedge funds far underperform simple financial-technology formulas in which low-cost exchange-traded funds are used, as well as vastly lagging the mainstream S&P 500. You can do better. See Newsletter #39.

  • Other assets far outdo the market

    Investors who hold solely US large-cap stocks are missing out on gains. The S&P 500 was the best-performing asset class in only about 1% of all months in the past 15 years, according to a new study. In about 99% of all months, some other asset class — commodities, real estate, even bonds — gained more than the S&P 500. See Newsletter #38.

  • Papa Bear trounces the S&P 500

    The Papa Bear Portfolio has passed the toughest possible test, outperforming the S&P 500 by 46.7% to 39.7% in the latest 18 months, even during the shortest and sharpest bear market in history — as well as the swiftest recovery from a bear-market low in decades. See Newsletter #37.

  • Crypto staking: high yield or high risk of loss?

    There’s a new money-making system called crypto staking. You purchase digital tokens, which might come with a requirement to hold them for months or years. In exchange, you receive a promise of rates of return that may seem unbelievable. See Newsletter #36.

  • Free performance stats — now daily!

    An independent website posts each Muscular Portfolio’s results using the prices of actual ETFs going back to Jan. 1, 2007. Even better, the current month’s data is now updated every day after the market closes with the percentage gain of each individual ETF. See Newsletter #35.

  • $69m NFT buyer & seller were partners

    The international auction house Christie’s made headlines on Mar. 11 when it announced that a buyer had bid $69 million for a digital “token” linked to an artist’s JPEG image. Unknown to most people, the high bidder had publicly sold millions of “shares” representing fractions of some of the artist’s other works. See Newsletter #34.

  • AAII tries to end chapters, then pivots

    The American Association of Individual Investors — a national nonprofit organization founded by James Cloonan in 1978 — sent notices to its 34 chapters stating they would be dissolved within two months and their locally raised funds absorbed by headquarters. The reaction from the chapters’ board members, many of whom were volunteering almost full-time, was fast and furious. See Newsletter #33.

  • Goodbye Folio — hello to what exactly?

    Folio Investing has been acquired by Goldman Sachs. All individual accounts that remain at Folio on Jan. 8 will be transferred by Jan. 13 to Interactive Brokers. But you can transfer your assets to almost ANY brokerage firm you like — if you know the trick. See Newsletter #32.

  • And the winner is…

    The previous newsletter revealed that allocating half of your savings to the Papa Bear Portfolio and the other half to the Mama Bear — rebalanced 50/50 every Dec. 31 — delivers strong gains and has particular benefits for couples, but also works for other users of Muscular Portfolios. For this newsletter, our readers submitted a plethora of serious, curious, and hilarious names for this “blended” strategy. Which name won? See Newsletter #31.