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    After writing the book “Muscular Portfolios” in 2018, I revealed the secrets of financial technology in 15 MarketWatch columns, 75 StockCharts columns, several AskWoody columns, and 57 issues of the Muscular Portfolios Newsletter. I finally ran out of new things to say. Newsletter #57 was the final issue. Visit the above links to learn what Wall Street isn’t telling you. This website will continue. A bulletin about the end of the newsletter will go out to all subscribers in May 2024. Paid subscribers will receive a separate bulletin and are entitled to refunds for all undelivered issues. Thanks for your interest! —Brian Livingston

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    Muscular Portfolios are here to enable individual investors to enjoy great market returns with no fear of crashes. This is the first website that gives away Wall Street’s secret buy-and-sell signals — absolutely free. See the three model portfolios in the menu at right and read the FAQ page.