1st edition disclosures

The author has no business relationship at this writing with any of the parties mentioned in the 1st edition of “Muscular Portfolios,” with the following caveats that were disclosed in the book:

He is a paying subscriber to the newsletters and/or websites of CXO Advisory, The Idea Farm, My Plan IQ, and ETFScreen.com, and may from time to time purchase other subscriptions that pose no conflict of interest.

He keeps the majority of his personal wealth in the Mama Bear, Papa Bear, and Baby Bear Portfolios, and therefore will have at any given time a position in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that are on those strategies’ menus.

He wrote the spreadsheet formulas that were used to calculate the after-tax returns of the Muscular Portfolios in Chapter 19. He donated the formulas free of charge to be integrated into the Quant simulator, so other researchers might use them.

The MuscularPortfolios.com website links to fee-only, fiduciary-only registered investment advisers (RIAs) who have pledged to manage Muscular Portfolios for clients at a reasonable cost. The site currently charges a token fee of $1 per two years to defray the cost of Web hosting. Neither the author nor the site receives anything else from RIAs or their clients who take advantage of such services.

ETFScreen.com delivers market data to MuscularPortfolios.com, which provides promotional consideration.

The author periodically gives presentations to groups about the Dynamic Portfolio Model and is compensated for these appearances by a speaker’s bureau.

Future caveats that apply to the first edition of this book will be listed on this Web page.

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